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Encoding conversion (last updated Oct. 2012)


The encoding conversion tool is a Java web application for performing multiple conversion, escaping and un-escaping operations on strings.

Why such a tool?

Everyone who has ever worked with internationalization has experienced problems with character encoding. For example, a piece of code may have expected utf-8 but was handed utf-16. Or you have seen problems where some odd characters were not handled correctly. Or you were given a file or a string that was full of \u-escaped strings, and you wanted to see what they “really” were. Of course, there have been command line tools with Java since the early days, but unless you are a command line junkie and so are all the young project managers in Marketing who pester you about a customer issue, you may want something a little better.

This is where “Encodings” may help. Simply deply the .war file from the “dist” folder to your favorite app server, and you are good to go.

A major side benefit is that you can simple send folks in the company the url and ask them to do their own conversions. Here are the operations “Encoding” performs:

When applicable, the user can perform an operation against multiple encodings, from the various Unicode flavors to Microsoft code pages and Apple what-shall-we-call-them.

An example of the “to u escape” operation is:

Operation: perform \u-escape
Your input was: äöäö
The result is: \u00E4\u00F6\u00E4\u00F6