This section of the site contains guidelines on several topics around internationalization, localization, and some minor general subjects.
Some of the discussion you find here is written in a neutral, engineer type fashion, other pages are more “in your face”.

I would describe this small site as “not the world’s best i18n site but at least an entertaining one.”

If you find any of this helpful, entertaining, wrong, or offensive, please contact us.



What is Internationalization? Globalization? Localization?

I have been asked the question many times, in interviews, in conversations.
After a while, I condensed my response into a single sentence.

“I take bad English software and turn it into bad Chinese, French, Spanish software.”

The reaction to this statement revealed a lot more about my counterparts than most had bargained for.
And it revealed quite a bit about me.

People in the software industry should look up the definitions on Wikipedia.



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