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Pathcopy, Xcopy, Command Prompt

Welcome to the new home of the MS Windows (c) plugin "PathCopy". Download it here for free. Open the .zip archive and follow the instructions in the readme text file. I am currently using PathCopy on Windows 2008 Server.

What PathCopy can do for you

If you work regulary with a large number of files on MS Windows, or if you have files with the same name in different folders, you may need to perform activities like copy files or make a list of files.

PathCopy lets you:

What other users have said

The History of PathCopy

A long time ago, I was the build engineer for Microsoft Exchange and the mail transport components of Microsoft Office 2000 for some 18 or so European languages. This also included the migration from NT to Windows 2000.

In addition to batch files, I wanted a little something that would allow me to accomplish some of the work in a UI. And I wanted to be able to give others an easy way to work with files I produced.

The source code of PathCopy has remained unchanged for over 10 years (as of 2010), and it has saved me and others many, many hours of tedious, error-prone work.